Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Memories from my life-Time to forget.

Yeah here's something random that I wrote in rehab-I suppose it's about trust in the future and accepting what has happened in my story so far:
There was no choice for me in my eyes, it is only since I got here that I have realised there is another way. No highway, but a cobbled road, 70 years in the making, unfinished and unsure. My own best advice has brought me to my rock-bottom, a feeling of emptiness and loss of identity so profound that my tears are no longer mine. My thoughts play on flickering black and white. Childhood movies lost in time. Alien shapes mimic my memories, smiling as emptily as their immortality.
I live for fear of death, I long for life in hope of change. I stand on the edge and stare ahead at the beauty of the horizon and open air, I stand ready to take the first step, a step taken with belief and trust.

(I love ozzy. No more tears.yeah.)


Blogger Tumuli said...

That should be my motto, as well! Sadly, things have been too tragic here too allow any more tears...

At any rate, your strength is inspiring. I'm so glad you're back in all of your trenchant glory!

11:43 PM  

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